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It’s been a big few months of travelin’ and workin’ and hustlin’, and I’m ready for some serious down time at the farm. I desperately want to be alone for a little while so I can give my overloaded brain a break, and my beaten bod too.

Which is why I’ve decided to take a month off the booze.

Now I don’t really drink that much any more. Ok sure, there’s the occasional blowout. Like last Saturday night, when Pete and I sat by the fire drinking cocktails that I clearly put waaay too much vodka in, and ended up dancing on the sofa to Whitney Houston and feeling like my brain was going to fall out of my head the next day.

But I do find that even a few drinks, a few times a week, can dull me a bit. They make me less motivated, just a bit less, but enough to make me put down my book and watch a film instead. Or wake up an hour later the next morning. Or put off something I really should be doing (like writing a story) so I can simply fall into oblivion for a while.

So I guess I’m doing it as a bit of an experiment. To see what happens to my energy and motivation levels, and to see how my body feels, without them having to expend so much energy clearing the alcohol out of my system.

I don’t expect it to be some kind of magic bullet to get me to a perfect state of mental and physical health. But I do expect to get a few more things done. Like finishing our apothecary in the old packing container, building a herb garden finally, and writing the 35 stories that have somehow backed up.

I’m looking forward to being a human guinea pig. I’ll keep a little diary of the experience to let you guys know how it went once the month is up. Stay tuned, and wish me luck…