is the online portfolio and journal of Australian travel writer Nina Karnikowski.


Trip Rider
With a stylish vintage design and ability to work offline, Trip Rider is a just that little bit better than most other travel notebook apps. It has a great array of trip-planning functions including packing, expense, itinerary and map sections, and lets you add travel companions so you can all access the trip details. Best of all, you can create a trip book with notes and photos that can easily be printed out and shared with friends once you’re home. $5, iOS, Android


An essential for the frequent flyer, Flight Board mimics the flight boards of over 3000 airports and 1400 airlines around the world to tell you if your flight is on time or delayed, your arrival times, the type of aircraft you’re flying and which gate you depart from. The flight boards at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris were used as design inspiration, giving this app a beautiful old-fashioned look. $5, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 


JiWire Wi-fi Finder
There’s nothing worse than arriving home from a trip to find a phone bill full of outrageous global roaming charges waiting for you. Thank goodness for Wi-Fi Finder, which uses your phone’s GPS system to help you locate free and paid Wi-Fi spots near you. It covers over 650,000 locations in 144 countries and filters by location type, so you can choose whether you’d prefer to tap away in a restaurant, cafe, hotel or bar. Free, iOS, Android


Photosynth invites users to take panoramic shots of their surroundings and the sky, then stitches the images together to recreate an interactive version of the scene that you can navigate just by swiping your finger. The perfect way to get you right back in the moment when the post-trip blues hit. Free, iOS 


Tap in the length of time you have, where you want to go, and when, and CruiseFinder will pull up the perfect cruise vacation for you, gathered from the schedules of 310 ships across 32 major cruise lines. Make your choice, then investigate detailed route maps, deck plans, prices, ratings and images of your chosen vessel, before booking directly from the app. Free, iOS, Android 


Like having a tour guide tucked away in your pocket, HearPlanet is an exhaustive audio guidebook that gives you the low down on nearby landmarks, historic sites, museums, nature spots and more, covering nearly 250,000 points of interest around the world. Using it means you no longer have to spend big chunks of your precious travel time with your head bent over a screen, and that you’ll learn something everywhere you go. Includes an interactive map. $5, iOS, Android 


Launched earlier this year by the cofounder of Flickr, Findery makes the places around you come alive by asking users to leave geo-tagged notes and reflections about great experiences, finds or historical facts using text, photos, video and sound on a virtual map for other users to discover. It gives you the deeper story about your surroundings, plus it’s pretty to look at. Free, iOS 


Touchnote Postcards
Upload your favourite travel snap, type in a message and the recipient’s address and Touchnote will create a personalised postcard or greeting card to be sent to family and friends anywhere in the world for about $1.80 a pop. Much more thoughtful than sending a generic postcard, and it takes about two minutes instead of 10. Free, iOS, Android, Windows Phone


Let’s face it: those selfies and group shots taken at arms length never end up looking very good. Better to use VoiceSnap, which responds to the voice command “take a picture”, or remote triggering from another iOS device if you’re too far away, to ensure your travel snaps are stabilized and taken from a good angle. Includes various flash and timer settings. $1.40, iOS, Android 


Smith Hotels
With a super slick design befitting the properties featured by boutique hotel experts Mr & Mrs Smith, Smith Hotels covers more than 900 drool-worthy hotels in hundreds of destinations in the Asia Pacific, UK, Europe, and the Americas. Book directly from the app, or simply browse the image galleries and daydream. Free, iOS


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