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Duffel bag
As comfortable on a fashion runway as it is on an airport runway, Filson’s 48-Hour duffel is perfect for a weekend away or a short business trip. Use the outside zipper pockets to stash travel documents, mobile phone and wallet. Made from a scuff-resistant, rugged twill and saddle- grade leather, with two carrying options. About PGK1250;


Tiny expandable towels
When you haven’t got time to get back to the hotel to freshen up after your flight, or between meetings, these Prospector Co. compressed towels might be just the thing. Simply add water and the little tablet of cotton will expand to the size of a face towel, bringing the comfort of home to you no matter where you are. Especially luxe if you add a few drops of essential oil. About PGK16 for a six-piece jar;


Flat booties
Patagonia’s neoprene booties provide protection from sharp rocks, broken bottles and shells.. You’ll feel almost as though you’re barefoot thanks to the soft, stretchy and super comfortable 2.5 mm neoprene, yet the sole is impenetrable and you even get a bit of extra side protection and support from the tough vulcanised rubber reinforcement panels. About PGK281;


Portable keyboard
Logitech’s Keys-To-Go ultra-portable wireless keyboard, which connects with all of your iOS devices, is lightweight and can easily fit into
a briefcase or backpack. It has a three-month battery life and comes in an array of fun colours, including red and blue. About PGK185;


Travel humidifier
If you find some hotel rooms stuffy and dry, you may want to pick up one of Travel Smith’s travel humidifiers, the smallest in the world at this power level. Just upend a plastic water bottle into the back and you can, quite literally, breathe easy – especially since it’s also super quiet, and works globally without a converter. About PGK186;


Toiletries kit
The luggage experts at Tumi have partnered with the award-winning designers at Public School to craft a luxury line of limited-edition travel gear, including this durable, sleek, leather-trimmed travel kit to keep your toiletries in order. Includes a leather grab handle. About PGK458;


Straight Shooter
The Nikon D5500 DSLR camera is incredibly lightweight, at only 450 grams, has a tilting LCD touch screen, and continuous shooting capabilities. The deep grip means you’re less likely to drop it, and it looks good when you’re toting it about on your travels, too. From about PGK1597;


Cord organiser
You arrive at an important meeting and see everyone frantically trying to untangle their chargers and cords before the meeting begins. With a smug smile, you casually pull out your Cord Tacos, made by leather accessories company This Is Ground. Inside, your chargers, wires and headphone cables are neat and tidy, and you place them on the table with no fuss or knots. The perfect business travel moment. Available in a variety of shades, prints and sizes. From about PGK63;


Multi-purpose shoes
A shoe that folds flat in your suitcase and is completely customisable? Yep, that definitely qualifies as a must-have travel item. Using the waterproof zip, you can change the tops or soles of your pair of Shooz, so you can wear the same pair for a morning run, or a night out on the town. Shooz are even more genius when you consider that they’re made using Italian leather and non-GMO cotton grown without chemical fertilisers and pesticides, and have an anti-shock insole. From about PGK316;


Chic currency case
If you find yourself constantly giving out the wrong currency, thanks to your jet-setting lifestyle and inability to remember to transfer foreign currencies back out of your regular wallet, give this calf leather currency case by Smythson a whirl. Not only does its perforated world atlas design look great, but it’s super functional too, with four separate zippers for different currencies. Available in classic black, as well as shades like plum and dawn blue. About PGK1354;


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