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On Friday I had the pleasure of reliving the iconic Highway One road trip I took from San Francisco to LA in California last year, on Talking Lifestyle Radio.

It may not have been my usual off-the-beaten-track adventure, but it really is one of the most spectacular drives in the world, famous for hugging some of the most beautiful coastline in the US.

You can explore two of the world’s great cities on either end, and doing it by car means you can stop as often as you like in the coastal towns you pass en route, including Carmel, Monterey, Big Sur and Santa Barbara.

In case you’re planning on doing it yourself one day and need some tips on how to do it right, or if you need some motivation to get yourself there, you can listen to the full segment here. And if any ladies out there fancy some Haight-Ashbury vintage shopping inspiration for San Fran, I’ve posted my video below.



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