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Oh Japan. I fell head over heels for you when I first visited seven years ago, and was as bewitched then by how weird and wonderful you are as I am now, following my second visit to Hokkaido earlier this year.

You have confused me senseless with your singing toilets, mad gaming, Lolita girls and robot restaurants. But you’ve also delighted me with your delectable cuisine, exquisite landscapes, hot spring onsen and pristine temples.

I love you so much I spent a whole hour talking about you on the podcast Flight of Fancy, where fellow travel writer Ben Groundwater, SBS Destination Flavour host Adam Liaw and I delved deep into all of the things that make you tick.

For anyone who’s interested knowing when you visit you, where to go, what to eat, where to drink, what to see, what to say… And what to do when it all goes wrong, they can do that right here.

Arigato for all the good times so far, and see you again soon Japan.


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