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I’m so damn grateful that the medium of video exists. There are just certain things that, when you’re travelling, are impossible to share via the written word. 

Without video, I don’t think I could have conveyed to you guys the scope of how Kathmandu has been affected by last year’s earthquake. How the nightly aarti, where the bodies get cremated each night by the sacred Bagmati river, really feels. Or how Kathmandu pulses and buzzes with a particular energy shared by very few cities on earth.

In this video, the first leg of my Nepalese adventure with off-the-beaten-track travel company Crooked Compass, I show you guys around the Kathmandu Valley where we discover ancient Newari villages, buzzing markets, Nepal’s Living Goddess, the sacred burning ghats and more.

As you’ll see in this video, Kathmandu is still very much struggling to rebuild itself following last year’s horrific earthquake, which killed over 8,500 people and has left millions homeless. I think the absolute best thing we can do for this beautiful country is to start heading back there for our holidays, plugging our tourism dollar into their flailing economy and helping them to rebuild their travel industry. Because Crooked Compass use local guides and locally owned hotels and restaurants, you can feel safe that your money is going to the right place when the book through them.

Of course if you want to support the earthquake appeal directly, you can do so through the Mitrataa Foundation.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this little tour around the Kathmandu Valley, and stay tuned for next week’s video about Nepalese village life, when I give you a little peek into our Panauti homestay. 


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