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I think we can all agree that the point of travel is, in large part, to get what we don’t get enough of the rest of the time. Which is why safari in Africa is such medicine for those who, like me, never quite manage to get enough time in nature in their everyday lives.

During my recent week in Kenya, we spent countless hours slipping across the Masai Mara and through the Samburu National Reserve in our open-sided safari Jeep, stopping to simply sit and observe the wild animals, and meeting the most stunningly adorned tribespeople along the way.

Everything else just drops away in these moments and it suddenly becomes very clear that we’re just a tiny piece in this giant puzzle of life. Humbling doesn’t even begin to cut it.

Hopefully this short video of my assignment there with Bench Africa gives you a taste of this special Kenyan medicine.


(Music: Beware, Miriam Makeba)

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