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Southern California has its Santa Ana; northern Africa has its Sirocco. Here, in central Chile’s Maipo canyon, we have the Raco.

A freight-train of a wind that pushes off your hat, messes up your hair, completely befuddles you and makes the sound on your videos go all funny.

But we’ll forgive the Raco, because Maipo Canyon is just lovely. Stretching more than 70 kilometres along the foothills of the Chilean Andes, it’s a weekend playground for Santiaguinos, who travel the two hours from Santiago to camp, hike, climb, cycle, raft and ski in this natural playground.

It’s a weird place, too. For every field of wild yellow poppies and stunning glacier, there’s a mine or a ghost town or a whole lot of abandoned army bunkers. Which, as you’ll see below in my latest video, is what makes it so cool – in it’s own post-apocaltpic kind of way.

Enjoy lovers.



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