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Oh Mumbai, how I’d missed you.

It had been two years since I’d seen you, and my heart was aching for you.

I’d missed your chaotic overcrowded streets, your beaten up black and yellow taxis, your holy cows. I’d missed your Bollywood fever, your vibrant markets, your grimy gothic buildings. I’d even missed your smell: a mix of spices, exhaust fumes and that not-so-subtle hint of sewage.

And yet I worried: with the distance of almost 700 days, would my feelings for you remain the same? Or would I return to find you unbearably noisy, dirty, crowded and stinky?

I needn’t have fretted. Within half an hour of touching down on your soil, as I whizzed across the Sea Link towards South Bombay in the early morning light, my eyes filled with tears of love and gratitude and I was right back where I was when I left you – completely and utterly besotted.

For anyone who has yet to meet Mumbai, or for those who already have and feel the same way I do, this little video will give you a chance to take in the magic that is India’s City of Dreams – home to Bollywood starlets, gangsters and fisherfolk, one of the world’s biggest slums, India’s most colourful markets and most chaotic crowds, and so very much more.

Enjoy, and namaste.


  1. Monica Sharma
    June 6, 2019

    If you really missing Mumbai you should come and visit one within 2 years lots of things got changed this is the city of dreams and living.. I love this place

    • Nina K
      July 20, 2019

      I was back there at Christmas and you’re right, so much has changed! I try to get back every year now, my favourite city in the world.


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