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Buddhism has played a big part of my life for many years now, ever since I started studying at the Sydney Buddhist Centre six years ago, where I immediately connected with the ideas of impermanence, of non-attachment and of mindfulness.

The teachings have brought so much peace to my daily life, and some of my most memorable adventures have been to countries where I’ve been able to witness Buddhist philosophy in action, in countries as diverse as Thailand and Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka.

You can imagine my delight when I discovered that Crooked Compass would be taking us to a Buddhist monastery in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley on our Soul of Nepal tour, to spend a night learning the ways of the monastics.

There at the Neydo monastery, perched on a mountaintop surrounded by pagodas and fluttering prayer flags, we observed the morning and evening puja ceremonies, where the monastery’s 120 resident monks chanted for the protection of all sentient beings.

We talked with the monks about their daily life in the monastery, and about what techniques they use to free themselves from desire. We observed the infamous Buddhist debating, we meditated with one of the head monks, and we let the sense of serenity that seemed to fill every aspect of the monks’ lives penetrate our own minds.

Hopefully this video, the third instalment of my Nepalese journey with Crooked Compass, brings some peace to your heart, too.


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