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Once every couple of months this year I’ve been appearing on SKY Business News for a segment about travel apps. SKY got in contact with me because they’d been reading the app column I write in Traveller’s upfront Check-In section about which apps are hot and how they work.

I’ve done a fair bit of speaking on radio but TV’s a completely new thing for me. And while I have to say it’s kind of terrifying (especially when I can’t remember the word for ‘post office’, see 4:50, LOL), it’s a great adrenaline hit and has already taught me so much about the way I speak and present myself, and about the way TV actually works. Here are my top three TV takeaways:

1. I am a wild gesticulator and eye bulger

2. When one appears on tele, one must wear a block colour and sleeves. Who knew?

3. This segment is recorded in a little cupboard of a space in the centre of the city. When I arrive, I call a guy who comes down to let me into the empty room, who plonks me in a seat, who “mics me up” and tells me which direction I should bulge my eyes in. After that he leaves and I am alone in the box, listening to the voice in my earpiece and trying not to get weirded out about having to sit there essentially talking to myself. It’s very strange.

Happy viewing!

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