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“On the road again
Just can’t wait to get on the road again…

Sorry, getting a bit carried away with Willie Nelson there. It was the great man’s birthday yesterday so I guess I’m allowed.

But yes I’m heading off again next week, first to Thailand to review the stunning Sri Panwa resort in Phuket, then to Bali to review a new surf and yoga camp called Salti Hearts. After that it’s a friend’s wedding at Uluwatu Surf Villas, then a journey to the more remote Indonesian islands of Lombok and Flores. I’ll be bringing back tales of volcanic lakes, lush fragrant forests, fierce komodo dragons, traditional villages and hopefully some hand-loomed ikat weavings to sell on Nina’s Bazaar.

Nina’s what?? Yep, I’m setting up a little online souq and can’t wait to share goodies from around the globe with you guys.

The timing for a trip to Indonesia could be better, I know. I’m sickened by the tragic loss of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran’s lives. I think the death penalty is cruel and barbaric. But I also think we shouldn’t punish those in Indonesia who are trying to make a living off tourism because of their government’s inhumane actions.

Anyway this post wasn’t meant to be political. What I was trying to get at is how, for the first time in a long time, I’m feeling like I don’t really want to go away. This is a very strange situation for me to be in, one I can categorically say I’ve never been in before. I’ve been asking myself why: why this impending sense of sadness at the thought of leaving? And the best I’ve come up with is because Château Tracteur is finally home.

This morning I got up before dawn. The sheep spent last night in the paddock right in front of our lawn, and when I arose in the dusky pre-dawn light the usually skittish creatures were all still sleeping in the grass. To see them so peaceful and relaxed made my heart melt, and it made me feel like I’m really starting to become part of the cycle of life here on the farm.

A few other things are making me feel this way, too. The crackling fires we’ve been burning each night as the evening’s cool down and winter approaches. The way the community in our little pocket of the valley came together during last week’s floods, as people lost their lives, homes were swept away and rivers sprung up where roads once were, keeping up all encircled in the valley. The birth of two new litters of piglets. The ability to finally have space for my parents to stay for the weekend, for the first time in seven years. The addition of our new rooster, Joe Cocker, to our little trio of chooks: waking up to his crowing each morning truly puts you in sync with the earth.

I feel sad, but I will go. I will go because I need to go, to be the honeyguide who delves deep into the world and lets you guys know where the sweetest things can be found. I will go because leaving is what makes this home such a sweet spot to return to.



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