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“Pilgrimage is ordeal. By definition any journey is physically difficult, but pilgrimage is also spiritually challenging. It demands that we follow our spiritual compass and put the soles of our shoes to the soul of the world. It means getting back in touch with our earth, our roots, ourselves.”

I love this definition of Phil Cousineau’s (author of the Art of Pilgrimage) of what pilgrimage really means. It fits exactly the experience I had trekking the five day Ausangate Trail in Peru to see the breathtaking (quite literally) Rainbow Mountain.

I have a story coming out in Traveller soon about the whole journey, about the beauty of those wild, rugged mountains, and how trekking there tested me physically and mentally and helped me find an inner strength that I had been searching for. About how it helped me become the tiny white wildflowers I kept seeing on the trail, that pushed through rock, snow and ice, to find the sun and survive.

So for now, let me just say that if you feel like you need to take a journey of renewal, to find something you’ve lost, or perhaps return to the source, then Crooked Compass’s Wild Peru tour could be just what you need.

I’ll let this video do the rest of the talking. I hope it inspires you in some small way.


MUSIC: Charquican by Aconcagua

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