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Oh Pushkar, you had me at namaste.

I mean, where else in the world will you meet people with names like Bird and Fern, who when asked where they’re from respond with, “originally the UK, but I’m a nomad now,” or more simply, “Planet Love”?

Where else will you find 400 temples squished into a town the size of Newtown, a scared lake said to have been created when a Hindu god dropped a lotus flower on the ground, or an annual camel fair that brings 50,000 delightful dromedaries into town?

And where else can you spend hours rifling through a vintage Bollywood warehouse, emerging with arms laden and change from $50?

Nowhere, that’s where, which is why Pushkar is such a special little enclave. A place to get lost and get found, one of the oldest cities in India that mixes its religious and tourist scenes, its enlightenment and its capitalism, in a way that’s as bizarre as it is irresistible.

I’ve made this little video for you guys to give you a taste of the town and its characters, and to hopefully inspire you to book a trip to one of my favourite towns in India.



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