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Indian Brass Serpent Bangle

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When I came across these gorgeous hand-beaten brass serpent bangles in Pushkar, the tiny holy city in India’s northern state of Rajasthan and home to the Pushkar camel fair, I just couldn’t resist.
Hindus worship serpents in their temples where they symbolise the three processes of creation: creation, preservation and destruction. And as a totem, serpents are a powerful representation of life force and primal energy.
I certainly feel this energy when I wear my serpent. I know you will too.

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Condition: New, hand-hammered brass with serpent detailing
Approximate dimensions: Approximately 22cm in circumference, but can be adjusted

Pieces featured in Nina’s Bazaar are vintage, pre-loved or handmade one-offs so there may be imperfections which add to the character of each piece.


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