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Antique Kuchi Bejewelled Choker

80.00 AUD

Crafted by the nomadic Kuchi tribe of Afghanistan decades ago. This antique brass choker, which I sourced during my travels to Turkey, is heavily embellished with pink and green glass, colourful gems, metal links and bells.
Backed with cloth and with an adjustable tie for ultimate comfort, these chokers were traditionally worn by unmarried Afghan women, and will bring the maiden energy out in whoever dons this statement piece.


Condition: Antique, with some slight imperfections
Material: Brass adorned with small glass pieces, gemstones and metal bells; cotton backing and adjustable tie. 29cm in length excluding ties

Pieces featured in Nina’s Bazaar are vintage, pre-loved or handmade one-offs so there may be imperfections which add to the character of each piece.


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