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Mongolian Camel Wool Slippers

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Adventuring to Mongolia, that deliciously immense and empty land squeezed between China and Russia, shifted something inside me. This land – that created warriors so fierce they conquered the largest land empire the world has ever known, and that still sees 40 per cent of its population living as tough nomadic shepherds in gers year-round through freezing winters – had me re-evaluating how I lived my life, and reminded me how small we all really are. I returned home humbled, but also filled up, reinvigorated and full of tales and inspirations to share with the world.

I’m reminded of all of this, and of the sweet local craftswomen I purchased them from, when I wear my embroidered Mongolian camel wool slippers each day. And I know some of that feeling will transfer to you too when you slip your feet into them on a chilly winter’s eve.

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Condition: New, with a raw, handmade design
Material: Camel wool upper, leather edging and suede base. Meant for wear indoors only
Approximate dimensions: 29cm from curved toe to heel; comfortably fits a size 39 foot, would fit a size up or down from that

Pieces featured in Nina’s Bazaar are vintage, pre-loved or handmade one-offs so there may be imperfections which add to the character of each piece.


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