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Nepalese Buddhist Protection Amulet

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Oh Nepal, you are a tonic for the soul. I have wandered your soils twice now, and it’s you I bring to mind when I need a little more peace in my day.
Luckily, since I gathered these precious ghaus in the narrow laneways of Kathmandu a few months back, I don’t have to try so hard to conjure you these days.
This little prayer box, a Buddhist amulet worn as jewellery, protects the wearer from negative energies. Inside it lies a scroll inscribed with a prayer, prepared and blessed by a Buddhist priest, and a tiny statue of the Buddha. Like a transportable shrine, it hangs close to your heart for when you need that extra support, or a little extra peace in your day.

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Condition: Vintage, with some slight imperfections.
Material: Metal with cotton prayer flag and small Buddha inside; leather strap.

** Pieces features in Nina’s Bazaar are vintage, pre-loved or handmade one-offs so there may be imperfections which add to the character of each piece.


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