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Peruvian Hand Knitted Alpaca Wool Beanie

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Stumbling across the remote Congomire weaving village on the final day of my Ausangate trek in Peru, I was immediately captivated by the weavers who sat on the ground in their colourful outfits, spinning their own yarn from the wool of their alpacas. They had dyed it with natural materials gathered from the mountains, we were told, which they then knitted into these intricately patterned beanies.
As I sat and watched them create, chatting quietly amongst themselves as they worked with the mountains gathered all around them, I was filled with gratitude for these people who still create products with such care and love. Creating pieces that are the opposite of fast fashion, that are kind to the earth and that will last a lifetime.
I’m so happy to be sharing these little pieces from the Andes with you, to help keep you warm and stylish in the chillier months.

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Condition: New, handmade.
Material: Naturally-dyed alpaca wool, hand knitted in Peru. One size fits most.

** Pieces features in Nina’s Bazaar are vintage, pre-loved or handmade one-offs so there may be imperfections which add to the character of each piece.


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