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I try never to have regrets when I travel. I keep in mind that things happen for a reason (even shitty things), that I should try to enjoy the scenery on a detour, that the best-laid plans…

But try as I might, I can’t help but always regret not having more time in a place. Call me greedy, but I never feel like I have enough time. Even if I’ve had months somewhere, there’s always an area I never explored, a restaurant I never tried, someone I never got the chance to meet, something I never got the chance to see.

So, you can imagine my despair at having to leave the Malaysian island of Penang, and its UNESCO World Heritage-listed George Town, after a single day of exploring. I completely fell for this unique island, which melds Malaysian, Indian, Chinese and European cultures in a way that’s as delightful seen through its architecture, as it is devoured via its infamous cuisine.

But que sera, sera. I sucked it up and made the absolute most of it with the help of my vibrant, fun guide Christina Wong (if you’re heading Penang way you need her in your life; contact her at and captured it all – the temples, the hawker markets, the clan jetties, the lookouts, the street art – in this little video.

I hope it gives you a taste of the magic. And Penang? I’m not done with you yet.

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